Thank you to all SSO Members. Marching and Waltzing was a beautiful concert. Thank you all!

This is what Musical Director David Milner had to say:

“Thank you once again for another brilliant concert. The SSO seem to have a great ability to produce the goods during adversity, remember Peter & the Wolf! Prior to the concert we anticipated that audience numbers would be well down, but doesn’t it show what a high regard our audience have for us in turning out in the numbers they did. When I took over as conductor I acknowledged the great work done by Paul and I would like to reiterate that now, I feel very privileged to be building on that work. Lastly two things I would like to share, Ian (viola)  told me during tea what a wonderful group of players we are and how welcomed he felt. Sam (percussion - remember his cymbal crashes) said he had never played with an orchestra before, only wind bands and how much he had enjoyed this first experience. The concert was a special moment in the orchestra’s history with David and Kathleen’s presentation, thank you for letting me be a part of that.”   -  David Milner, 15.3.20