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Committee Meeting

9th March 2023


Bullet Journal


29th March 2023 8.15pm St. Mark's Community Association

Members are invited to attend from 7:30pm to hear the orchestra rehearse.

 As the restrictions for indoor gatherings have been gradually lifted the orchestra has taken a very cautious approach to re convening at West Park Church for rehearsal purposes... 

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 No one needs me to tell them what a strange year it has been so I will oblige by not doing so... 

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 We were so close to a cautious return to small orchestra rehearsals. The plan was to start sessions of six players maximum... 

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 Since my last report in May the orchestra committee has met and the weekly tea break meetings have continued a pace with generally twenty members popping in each week... 

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 Since our last concert and the virtual AGM that so many of you participated in, the following actions have been taken by the committee and a wider group of orchestra members...

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